Having separated itself from Poonglim Pharmatech Corp., MediQueens Korea has ascertained CGMP Certification in 2016 as a cosmetics company specializing in whitening care.

MediQueens is Poonglim Pharmatech's subsidiary company and is currently exporting more than 50 cosmetics products and beauty machines to 10 countries.

History of Medi Queens Korea
Despite of short history, MediQueens has become leading company in small package cosmetic products. Our products are now available in more than 10 countries and regions throughout the world. Our goal is to produce efficient, effective and economic products to fulfill customers’ needs and encourage customers to find their beauty by using our products.
2016 11. 15.

Completed GPM procedure and registered

09. 02.

Extened product line from pouch to mask pack, wet tissues, air cushions

07. 01.

Installed 'Cleanroom' facility and pre-registered for GMP

2015 10. 16.

Company status has changed from private operator to incorporation

06. 11.

Extended 3 pouch products to 13 and started manufacture filler products

05. 28.

Medi Queens Korea has started as private operator

2014 09. 16.

Medi Queens was registered as trademark for cosmetic products

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